Summer Camp 2018

Real World Academy is designed to be Educational, Enriching, Engaging, Purposeful and Real. Give your students high-quality, real world experiences to help them develop and apply essential academic and social skills as they transition through school and life.

Providing real-world application of the skills of career professionals is an important strategy when developing college and readiness in youth. By taking on a relevant and realistic approach to learning, youth are challenged to think deeper and try to solve problems.
Educational research suggests that students’ increased interest and improved self-concept are affected by their exposure to positive role models and application of real-world academic skills. The combination of these influences enhanced their identity, in that they could see themselves as someone who was interested in college or post-secondary education and had the potential to be a legitimate participant in a career.
Real World Academy Summer Camps are academic and career focused discovery camps designed to stem summer learning loss, and to help students link the skills, facts, and subject area content learned in school with real life experiences, opportunities, and careers. Our high energy sessions provide students with a first-hand look at life through the eyes of well-known professionals and hands-on project-based learning activities.
The focus of the Real World Academy is to encourage students to gain a well-rounded perspective on education, life and career opportunities and as a result increase their academic effort and engagement during the traditional school setting. Real World Academy programs are offered turnkey – including all facilitators, site coordinators, standards-based curriculum, all materials, camp shirts and student backpacks and more. Real World Academy Camps incorporate active, project-based learning with teacher to student ratios of 1:25. All activities are designed with the 21st Century Learner in mind.

Topics may include:
1. Life Goals
2. Financial Literacy
3. Stocks/Trading
4. S.T.E.A.M. Careers and Education
5. Alternative Career Paths/Programs
6. Entrepreneurial/Business Education
7. Community Development
8. Social Emotional Learning

Skills will include:
1. Verbal and Written Communication
2. Analytical and Problem Solving
3. Assessing Wants vs. Needs
4. Producer vs. Consumer Prepping
5. Emotional Intelligence

Additional deliverables:
• Pre and Post Assessment
• Attendee sign-in, including name badges and drawstring backpacks per student
• Lunch for all students (to be planned in partnership with APS)
• Flyers to help APS promote the event

Program Models
4 Week Full Day   |   4 Week Half Day   |   2 Week Full Day   |   2 Week Half Day

Choose a camp, the number of days or weeks your program will run, and the number of students.

Choose a specialty theme for each week of camp to complement your students’ experience.

  Add a field trip, parent night, back to school supplies, or a motivational speaker.